At Source IT Technologies, our multi-talented professionals meet tough challenges and mission-critical objectives by offering premier business applications. We focus on innovative and continued process improvements. Our team of seasoned IT professionals are dedicated to providing optimal products, backed by guaranteed service, at the most competitive prices in the industry.

About Us

Source IT Technologies is a certified Women-Owned Business. Founded in 2012, we have worked with government agencies, healthcare industries, enterprise and private sectors, as well as higher education institutions. Our comprehensive IT products and services include:

Working with the Source IT team proved very easy. They were quick to respond, delivered as promised, and came in under budget. They understood the complexities of the project and worked with our team to design a fully compliant solution.

David Dean, Mercatus3

Why Us?

Why receive cookie cutter solutions from the big VARs, when you can receive truly customized, flexible and fast, cutting-edge IT solutions. We identify and offer proven technologies in security, networking, data storage and more, all bundled with built-in integrity.

We know keeping costs low without sacrificing quality of service and product is critical to your success. Our strategic alliances with our partners give us up-to-date knowledge of the technology landscape, making us consistently competitive.

From initial discussions to implementation – we pride ourselves on client satisfaction of pricing, products, and service. We believe that this process should be customer-driven all the way, letting our clients guide us with the formation of critical business requirements to assure fulfillment of expectations – end-to-end.


  • Government

    Source IT’s objective in servicing the government sector is simple, to enhance: public-value innovation, accurate sizing, budget-conscience pricing with proper service though the diverse software selection from our portfolio. We understand the constant changing requirements associated with various government agencies. Source IT develops optimal solutions to meet such challenges.

  • Healthcare

    The development of new machines, scanners and bar-coding has increased the demand for many technology solutions in healthcare. Source IT has the products, staff, alliances, and customer service to safeguard the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Your products are selected and processed with the same level of care and quality assurance as your healthcare products and staff.

  • Education

    Working with institutions both big and small, we cover all of the components that will build, maintain and secure the IT infrastructure at the highest level of competence and confidence. We will engage with your “Think Tank Team” because we recognize that collaborative, free thinking will be the foundation of your innovations… an idea suitable for any size institution.

  • Enterprise Businesses

    Covering a broad spectrum of sectors, our enterprise client’s needs include IT Business Partners (Consultants) that will integrate with your project management to fuel the deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, business intelligence solutions and security.

Whitney ParkerAbout Us