Source IT offers a wide array of critical IT solutions from industry-leading partners ensuring our clients receive the best solution. IT solutions are varied, complex and can be overwhelming; fortunately, our team works closely with our clients to narrow the choices to the best fit at the best price.

  • Security

    Our security solutions are designed to work together — integrating all features from antimalware and antispyware, to antivirus software with security management components that deliver unsurpassed real-time visibility and analytics. These assets reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve Internet security, and help businesses achieve operational efficiency.

  • Storage

    Businesses, both large and small, are experiencing the unavoidable demand for more IT space. More information is legally required to be stored, rather than deleted, because of regulations. Safeguard your business’ most valuable asset – information – by using fortified and reliable storage solutions.

  • Data Center Solutions

    Expand your business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualization, and cloud solutions faster by using proven data center solutions. Today’s big DCS help you take full advantage of infrastructure, analytics and automation. The result will be exceptional expandability, simplified management, and streamlined operations giving your business a competitive edge on trends and forecasts.

  • Business Intelligence

    Decision-making — it’s always at the forefront of every business. BI software plays a key role in the strategic planning process for our clients to ensure critical information is on one platform. In using BI software, our management team will clarify the relationship between a variety of data for better decision-making and optimal deployment of resources.

  • Cloud & Virtualization

    Cloud computing offers several benefits in terms of agility and space-saving solutions using a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process your data in a cost-effective way. Source IT solutions move workloads to private, hybrid, public clouds to reduce capex and opex costs. We deliver a self-service, multi-tenant, distributed solution that provides consistent end user experience and leverages common tools across cloud and standard infrastructure. We specialize in OpenStack, VMware and container environments with a focus on application delivery, storage, and SDN.

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