Ever-changing, complex IT environments, combined with the insatiable demand for data, continue to accelerate while budgets are restrained. Working with organizations large and small, public and private, from government agencies and municipalities to health care, education and financial institutions, Source IT provides clients peace of mind knowing that we are delivering the best solutions for their needs.

  • Government

    Source IT’s objective in servicing the government sector is simple, to enhance: public-value innovation, accurate sizing, budget-conscience pricing with proper service though the diverse software selection from our portfolio. We understand the constant changing requirements associated with various government agencies. Source IT develops optimal solutions to meet such challenges.

  • Healthcare

    The rise of security breaches of sensitive personal information has greatly increased the demand for security. Healthcare providers must ensure that partners who manage, store, or otherwise touch PHI meet all HIPAA as well as all security, legal and privacy requirements. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations do not use endpoint encryption, leaving these complex systems vulnerable. Systems are susceptible to theft and attacks by hackers with ever-more sophisticated methods and frequency, so the need to secure, store and protect information is of the utmost importance. Given these challenges, healthcare organizations are teaming up with cloud service providers, recognizing the critical value and security the cloud delivers.

  • Education

    Working with institutions both big and small, we cover all of the components
    that will build, maintain and secure the IT infrastructure. We will engage with your “Think Tank Team” because we recognize that collaborative, free thinking will be the foundation of your innovations… an idea suitable for any size institution.

  • Enterprise Businesses

    Covering a broad spectrum of sectors, our enterprise clients’ needs include IT Business Partners (Consultants) that will integrate with your project management to fuel the deployment planning, configuration, data center optimization, business intelligence solutions and security.